Chosen to Be a Miracle! Advent Plan Based on “The Chosen"



Christmas is a time of celebration full of gifts, family gatherings, food, and special activities. But Christmas is meant to be much more than that: it is the time of year when we celebrate that Jesus came into this world to begin a divine plan designed in eternity, a plan that would culminate in our salvation.

Jesus impacted the lives of all those who crossed His path. What if this Christmas, we could remember the miracles that Jesus performed in the lives of those who came to Him? And furthermore, what if we were inspired by their stories to experience God's miracles in our own lives and also be miracles for others during this Christmas season?

It is with that in mind that the desire arose in my heart to write this Advent reading plan based on the characters featured in the series The Chosen, the first multi-season series based on the life of Jesus. This series has touched and inspired millions of people around the world, including me. 

Throughout these days, you will read powerful testimonies based on the lives of different biblical characters who interacted with Jesus. Each diverse and relatable story is told in first person, as if The Chosen characters themselves were actually speaking. You’ll also be able to read some passages from the Bible that will help you to delve a little deeper into what the Scriptures have to say about these very people.

Each reflection ends with an invitation to connect that character's testimony with your reality, inviting you to take concrete steps throughout this Christmas season. God wants to work in your life, and He has chosen you to bless many through you!

I pray that your heart will burn with passion as you read these stories and that this Christmas, you will feel Jesus and shine with His light as never before. 

Don't forget: You are a Miracle!

Christian Misch

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