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Led by the Holy SpiritSample

Led by the Holy Spirit

DAY 1 OF 7

Day#1. The Bible, a light on your path

Being guided by God is very important because He has a plan for our lives. However, He acts more like a GPS, than like a novelist. Not everything that happens to us is His will!

Remember that you have free will and that freedom is a fundamental value of the kingdom of God, even more than love! Especially because, without freedom, there is no true love.

God has a destiny for you, but you may never enter your destiny.

To follow God is to receive guidance from the one who knows everything about everything, who knows what is hidden, what has not yet happened. To follow God is benefiting from the advice of the one who knows the secrets of hearts, the one who above all, wants our good.

Many decisions do not require prayer, because the Bible is clear on this subject. 

For example : 

Can I marry someone who is not a Christian? The answer is No ! (2Co 6.14-16)

Do I have to pay my taxes? The answer is Yes! (Rom 13:6-7)

Should I forgive my brother? The answer is Yes! (Mt 18:21-22)

When you pray to negotiate your obedience to the Bible, you may not receive an answer. This  is a lack of respect towards God.

The Bible gives us the wisdom we need, the stories of biblical characters reveal God's heart, even more than the commandments.

In many situations, we will need to use our knowledge of the Bible to make good decisions. However, our intelligence is often not enough, so we also need the guidance of the Holy Spirit. This is what Jesus reproached the Pharisees for applying the law to the letter, and often against the heart of God.

The Holy Spirit will help you understand which truth has priority in a given situation if you take the time to seek His guidance.

I invite you to pray with me: Let’s pray together : 

Father, I choose to make your word a light on my path. Father, reveal your heart to me so that I may act according to your word. Amen

David Théry

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Led by the Holy Spirit

All those who are led by the Spirit of God are sons and daughters of God. God has a plan for your life, a glorious destiny has been prepared for you. It will be fulfilled only if you follow His directions. I invite you t...


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