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Harvest 365

DAY 1 OF 365

Welcome to Day 1 of Harvest 365 - a year in the Word. 

Our prayer at Harvest Church is that through this year, you will KNOW JESUS and MAKE HIM KNOWN. This journey through the scriptures will take you deeper in your knowledge of Christ and will launch you into a fresh season of discipleship. 

Knowing and understanding scripture is a key part of the discipleship process and it is important to have a system. Not only a system of reading the Word but also meditating on it. How can we get the most out of scripture?

This system of reading through the Bible will keep you engaged and connected in the word by reading a different section of the bible each day of the week.

Day 1 - Epistles

Day 2 - The Law

Day 3 - History

Day 4 - Psalms

Day 5 - Poetry

Day 6 - Prophecy

Day 7 - Gospels

There is something fresh about the Word every day through this plan. It opens our eyes to the truth in the scripture without being discouraged by not keeping up. If you miss a day, just keep going. It can often feel like a burden to try to catch up. So continue on reading as a part of the plan.

Here are some helpful tips to get you started at making the most of this year.

Journalling - This does not need to be complicated but can be extremely helpful for you to build a habit of writing down key lessons, personal thoughts, prayers, revelations, and more from the scripture. You can use a diary or notepad, whatever you like. The thoughts can be as long or as short as you like. (More tips are available below)

Meditating - Take the time to spend a few minutes before and after your devotion to quiet your soul and reflect. Taking the Word with you into your day and mulling it over. Any new revelations can be stored in your journal

Discussing - Share your thoughts daily in the chat function on this bible plan. We can all learn from each other. Or maintain a connection with a discipleship group that you can ask questions in. 

Praying - Before opening the bible, ask God to show you more of his character through the word. Pray that you will have your eyes opened to truth in the pages. Pray that your heart will be opened and changed as you read. Pray that your mind would be transformed and renewed.

Journalling tips

1. Buy a journal or diary that has a page to a day.

2. Highlight passages that stand out. 

3. Write key scriptures into your own words.

4. Ask yourself questions about the passage. Who? What? Where? When? Why?

5. Write down the big idea about the passage.

6. Make it personal. How does this scripture apply to and require of me?

7. Write down your prayer for the day.

8. Don’t give up. At first, it may feel strange to write these thoughts down but over time it will become a habit.

As you embark this year on a journey through the word, determine that you are going to grow this year. Personal and Spiritual growth doesn’t just happen. It happens when you take responsibility and own your discipleship journey. When you position yourself in a place of growth. 

Let us all grow together this year!

About this Plan

Harvest 365

This journey through the Bible will keep you engaged and connected in the Word by reading a different section each day of the week. There is something fresh about the Word everyday through this plan. It opens our eyes t...


We would like to thank Harvest Church for providing this plan. For more information, please visit:

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