Mary: The Expecting Momma

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Negative pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting stories on the internet and those told by loved ones can cause women to develop tokophobia (the fear of childbirth) or feel overwhelmed and anxious. As we navigate pregnancy or raise our little ones, we can learn from Biblical figures like Sarah, Hannah, Timothy's mother, grandmother, etc. It is wise to learn from those who have gone before us—particularly biblical figures.

This Christmas and beyond, we can learn from Mary's pregnancy experience to help us rise above fear, depression, and anxiety in motherhood.

While pregnant, Mary visited Elizabeth. As we all know, Elizabeth was a woman of faith. She spoke words of life over Mary and her testimony empowered Mary to believe. Before Mary said yes to God, the angel shared the testimony of Elizabeth's pregnancy with her.

In this day and age, there are women like Elizabeth who speak life and give hope to other women. We need to surround ourselves with Holy Ghost women! We need them during pregnancy and throughout our motherhood journey. 

I pray that God will open your eyes to the Elizabeths in your life. I pray that you will meet women who will speak life over you, inspire hope, and encourage you this season. Finally, I pray that God will give you the spirit of discernment to choose your mentors and grace to humbly receive words of wisdom from them.