Guardians Of Ancora Bible Plan: Ancora Kids Talk With God

Day 1 of 3 • This day’s reading



Think of some of the people you talk to. What sort of things do you talk about?

  • Animals?
  • School?
  • Holidays?
  • Friends?
  • Food?
  • Games?
  • Toys?

What else?

Jesus, God’s Son, knew he couldn’t do God’s work without staying close to him, so he talked to God often. That’s how important it is to pray!

Look at today’s Bible verses to see if you can find:

  • when Jesus went to pray;
  • where Jesus went to pray; and
  • why Jesus went to pray.

Jesus talked to God about anything and everything! We can do that too! God loves it when we talk with him because he made us and knows all about us. He’s interested in everything we do.

Pray: Talk to God about what you have been doing and some of your favourite things now.

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