Five Ways to Overcome Dead End Thinking

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Follow God Closely and Look for the Hidden Paths

When the enemy is behind us, and an impassable way is before us, we can only turn to God, who reminds us of how he delivered Israel:

“Your road went through the sea.
Your path went through raging water,
but your footprints could not be seen.”
Psalms 77:19 (GW)

You might be feeling this way now. Instead of panicking when you don’t see a way forward in our fragile economy and know you can’t go back, ask God to reveal the hidden path through the sea of doubt and trouble.

Trust God to lead you on the best pathway for your life and business.

When you avoid dead-end thinking, you’ll see God actively at work to show you the way through life and business. Then you can avoid roadblocks and be confident that what lies ahead is what God planned for you, that he is present, and that he will show you which path to take.


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