Five Ways to Overcome Dead End Thinking

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Let God Open Your Eyes to Your Blind Spots

After a few days in Tanzania, I realized Tanzanian pastors effectively share the Good News because they remember from where they came and are familiar with the Muslim community they want to reach.

In the West, we view who we have become as better than those who we want to reach. We do that in the church, and we do that in business. We separate ourselves from the very people God calls us to serve because we think being holy means not associating with people who are not like us.

Our differences shouldn’t divide, rather they should motivate us to find ways to unite. Biases keep us from sharing the message of reconciliation. We aren’t Christian by our title, but by the condition of our heart.

When we are biased, we are blinded by beliefs, attitudes, and ideas that aren't true. When we live and work with those assumptions, or because we were told to do something a certain way, we miss an opportunity to reframe our assumptions and view things in a different way.

Who we were is a bridge back to people who don’t know Jesus. Our shared experiences allow us to reach people with the Good News through our businesses even though we are different.

Let God open your eyes: Today, ask God to show you the blind spots in your life and open your eyes to His way of seeing things.