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Spiritual vs EmotionalSample

Spiritual vs Emotional

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When you were born again, your spirit was born again. From the spirit of a fallen man, you have been adopted into the spirit of Jesus as an eternal spirit. But your flesh which is your physical body, mind, emotions, etc. hasn't yet taken the changed form of the heavenly bodies. Even our bodies will change and be adopted into the eternal ones that God will give us at the rapture, but as of now, your flesh lusts after everything contrary to the spirit but your spirit wants God.

There is a war among your members. This is common for us all. 

Our body needs feeding. It gets hungry for food, it gets hungry for pleasure, for power, for love. It wants what it wants and when it wants it, it gets frustrated, it gets greedy, and selfish, and proud...and then to feed itself, it indulges. It takes steps to fulfill the desires of this flesh - for a simple example - when it's angry it shouts and screams to gratify this anger. You and I are all much too familiar with all this. 

BUT, the bible says, you are in this world but not of it. It is because you are not your body. The source of life to your body is your spirit. Your body is only the host. It is the natural physical part of your being as opposed to your spirit which is the supernatural and eternal part of you. Without your spirit, your host is dead! It can't feel a thing. 

As Christians, we must feed our spirit. But how do we do this? The only thing that the spirit hungers for is the TRUTH, it hungers for LIGHT. It hungers for LIFE. Jesus is this light, His words are true, He is the source of life. 

Like your body, which feels and acts on these feelings, your spirit can discern and recognize the lies of the devil and can guard you against it. It's amazing how once you feed your spirit you will grow stronger, happier, and joyful. Everywhere you go you carry this light so that when people look at you and when they meet you and hear you talk, they can immediately recognize that you are different and have a covenant God. 

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Spiritual vs Emotional

Intentionally or unbeknownst to us, we all have a philosophy towards life. These may be shaped, altered, or created based on culture, childhood, past, people...and a variety of reasons. The world offers many such princip...


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