Abiding With God in the Heartache and the Joy

Abiding With God in the Heartache and the Joy

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May we learn contentment, and if the Lord blesses us with wealth, may we be wise and eager to bless others with it. What might that look like? No doubt, you have many conversations in your household about how you use your hard-earned dollars. These are big conversations, and they need prayer and discernment.

Paul makes clear how easy it is for all of us to be ensnared by the traps of the world. For us, it is the materialistic, consumeristic culture that invites us in. May we learn to be content and not be lured by desires which can ultimately destroy us.

What does contentment look like in your life? Do you take pleasure in the small things of life? COVID lockdown has helped us rediscover a simpler life. This passage tells us that godliness with contentment is great gain. As the pandemic's uncertainty persists, this is an excellent moment to consider what contentment looks like in our own lives.


Father God, I hunger for contentment; not to be consumed by money, by the pressure to succeed financially, and by the trinkets of life. Help me to seek godliness and contentment that centers on you. Amen.

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Abiding With God in the Heartache and the Joy

Life brings great heartache and deep joy for all of us. We can find God in all of life as we embrace his love, his word, and his Spirit.

We would like to thank Bible Society Australia for providing this plan. For more information, please visit: http://biblesociety.org.au

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