John 1-3: A 12-Day Reading Plan

Day 10 of 12 • This day’s reading


The Holy Spirit remains a mystery to many believers, and because we are so unfamiliar with His roles we miss Him and fail to see evidence of His work in our lives. But when we are born-again and become children of God, the Holy Spirit becomes an integral part of our lives. The Holy Spirit has been given to us to help us in the practical matters of day-to-day living. Jesus knew we would need a Helper, and He gave us one (John 14:26). 

Just before going to the cross, Jesus gathered His disciples, and one of the things He told them to anticipate was the Holy Spirit. Jesus understood that we needed the power of God to live the Christian life because we can’t do it on our own. If we didn’t need help, there would’ve been no need to send a Helper—but He did. The Christian life is not simply difficult—it is impossible apart from the Holy Spirit. And God doesn’t expect us to attempt it apart from the power of the Spirit. 

After reading the Scripture passages, can you identify things the Holy Spirit has done in your life where you haven’t given Him adequate credit?