Women On A Mission

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Our self-confidence has a direct impact on whether or not we reach our God-given potential. Oftentimes we find ourselves battling with our own fears, doubts and insecurities, questioning if we have what it takes. So how do we actually become the woman God designed us to be? How do we embrace our true confidence?

This isn't an uncommon question to ask. One quick Google search on being confident will surface over 225 million results filled with tips, tricks and how to's.

However, if your primary source isn't the Holy Spirit, you'll find yourself on a hamster wheel—exhausted without getting anywhere. He is your source. Acknowledging this simple truth will shift how you look at being confident. Wait patiently on the Lord. He'll guide you and give you everything you need to become who He designed you to be.

As women on a mission, it's our job to live devoted to our heavenly Father so that we can experience all He has for us.

So go on, sister, and confidently sit at the feet of Jesus. You're His Beloved.

Prayer Lord, help me to experience a new assurance that is only found in you. May the assurance of the King who lives inside of me fill my heart with unwavering faith, trust and God-confidence. I am a woman on a mission after you, Lord. In total surrender and full dependence I ask you to guide me as I work vigorously and rest peacefully in your presence. And just as the Proverbs 31 woman, I want to become the God-fearing woman that you created me to be. Lead me to live out my unique story and I will follow you with courage and boldness. Amen! 

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