Women On A Mission

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Vigorous Hands

Life is full of hard work. Some days we move mountains and others we spend on seemingly purposeless drudgery. You can choose to see work as a curse or as a blessing. It's about perspective. It's about understanding our identity and what we're called to do.

When work is solely seen as a way to accumulate wealth, it begins to lose its appeal in our hearts. Working just for earthy rewards gives us temporary bliss. Then we fall back into questioning the work we do. Because earthly accumulation is just that—temporary.

It's when we truly understand our identity, accept God's promises, and discern the work we're called to that we'll begin to find ourselves in the middle of His will. In reality, work is worship. The Hebrew word for both work and worship is avodah. God has designed each of us with passion, purpose and potential. Not for our own benefit, but for the benefit of His kingdom and His Glory.

God is calling us to be ambassadors for Him even in the marketplace, when we find ourselves working beyond the home, in any season of life, have no guilt or shame. Our roles as women are many. So if God calls you, depend on Him to give you the strength and capacity you need.

At the end of it all, when we meet our heavenly Father, what will we show for the talents he has given us? Work is an opportunity for us to use what has been given to serve others and to give him Glory.

Take time to align your actions so that they reflect your passions. If you're finding that you're not as passionate about things, dig into your purpose. If you're finding it difficult to recognize your purpose, then follow your passions, because on that path is where your purpose is waiting to be discovered.

Go on, sister, work hard and with a greater purpose.

Prayer Lord, continue to reveal yourself to me in every area of my life. I welcome you into the depths of my journey and ask that you guide me every step of the way. I know that you have created me for such a time as this. Please use my gifts and talents to bring you Glory in this very season. Help me bloom exactly where you have me planted and fight back the distractions of the world. Lord, as I continue to move forward, I ask for strength and wisdom to help me discern which paths you have laid before me. I want to walk beside you, Lord. Thank you for your promises. Amen!