Young & Stressed


You're Not Running Out of Time.

I heard a quote a few years ago that has stuck with me ever since. "Our hindsight is just us finally catching up to God's vision for us all along." I think of that a lot. 

It's funny (and a little frustrating) how we never really see what God is doing in the moment of a situation but whenever we look back at our lives in hindsight, we always see that God's timing was perfect; not a moment too soon or a moment late.

If we always knew what was going to happen and when things were going to happen, we wouldn't need to cling to God for every step in our journey. In fact, we wouldn't need Him at all. 

We might not always be able to understand what God is doing but we can always trust His heart for us. One of my daily prayers is that God would help me to trust Him more each day, and to trust that He is sovereign and that He sees everything in my past, present and future - the whole picture - not just the chapter that seems so overwhelming to me today. Knowing this truth always reminds me that His timing is perfect.

We can rest because we know that God knows how our situations are going to turn out before we even get into them. Nothing catches Him off guard. We can trust Him even in the unknown and we can trust Him with His perfect timing.

Living on God's timetable takes intentionality. The world tries to rush us and put us in a state of frantic hurry which is completely opposite of what God says to do. God says that a fruit of the spirit of being a follower of Christ is patience. If we are always jumping to the next thing, we will never have time to marinate on what God is doing in our lives today. 

In the moments when you feel like you should be further along in life by now or it feels like God isn't doing anything in your life, remember that He is forming your character and making your hands strong enough to carry whatever is coming in your next season of life. He is more concerned with us becoming more Christ-like than with us receiving the next promotion, open door or opportunity that ultimately will be temporary.

A key that I have found in trusting God's perfect timing is to continually remind myself that our time here on this earth is fleeting and temporary, and eternity is forever. I challenge you to keep that at the forefront of your mind everyday. 

His timing and plans for your life are perfect, even when your timing isn't lining up with His. Trust Him. The timing on His clock will always line up with the call on your life, and that my friend, is exactly where you want to be.