Young & Stressed


Stop Striving For Success

Whenever we scroll through social media, we are bombarded with constant reminders of the importance of achieving success. Before we know it, our mindless scrolling turns into a cycle of self-doubt and feeling unworthy because everyone else's lives appear to be perfect in every way. 

The problem with allowing other people to define success for our lives is that the world's definition of success is almost always completely contradictory to God's definition of lasting, eternal success and purpose. 

When we choose to agree with the noise of this loud world and value their opinions instead of forming our own convictions given by God and His Word, we end up comparing our personal journey to everyone else's around us. And then we wonder why we feel worn out and overwhelmed. 

The world tells us every day that true purpose and success lies in fame, having a blue check by your name on social media, accomplishing something so significant that the world knows, or being acknowledged, seen and adored by man. 

God, on the other hand, says that true purpose and success is to love God and to love people. 

We overcomplicate success and purpose. We try to mix achieving societal expectations with God's convictions, and they were never meant to be in the same pot. 

My prayer is that we choose to believe what God says about living a life of purpose over what culture feeds us daily. If you're frustrated in trying to figure out what your purpose is, don't be. 

Regardless of what job position you are currently in; whether you're in a cube at a job that you don't like or a student struggling to get by on Raman Noodles every night (been there, done that), you are living a life of purpose and achieving Godly success when you are faithful where you are, with what you've been given, and you choose to intentionally love God and love people that cross your path. 

Regardless of the position you are in, your purpose always remains the same. 

Love God. Love people. 

This concept is one that the world likely won't celebrate or clap for because many people are eager to draw attention to themselves and fill the holes in their hearts by accomplishing the world's definition of success. It's a trap, and it will never provide us with the true love and acceptance that only God can fill us with. 

Will we live for the claps or will we live for the call?

Are we going to choose to live for God or live for man? Are we living for the "well done good and faithful servant" or are we going to choose to live for a temporary accomplishment, applause or award that we can't take with us to Eternity? 

Because please know, at the end of our lives, we will not stand before man or anyone who was cheering for us and giving us all the clout on social media. 

We will stand in front of God, who calls us to do one thing: to love God and to love people.

Choose wisely.