Lord, Help My Critical Heart

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An Honest Evaluation

What does a critical spirit look like? Some adjectives that go hand in hand with a critical spirit are: Closed off, harsh, judgmental, “mean girl,” proud, snobby, insecure, prone to comparison, passive-aggressive, sarcastic, snarky… Do any of those "ring" a bell? Keep in mind we’re here to look at ourselves... not identify those in anyone else! 

Unfortunately, our sinful nature makes it easier for us to notice those qualities in others rather than in ourselves. We default to judging ourselves by our best intentions, while we judge others by their actions! We tend to hide these critical habits behind snarky comments, passive-aggression, or secretly seething under a polite exterior. We can so easily be self-deceived, thinking that our criticisms are justified. 

Today’s passage from Romans encourages us to think of ourselves “with sober judgment.” That’s really hard to do. And like a freshly healing wound, this is a real tender spot. So when the Lord brings conviction, it can be quite uncomfortable.

But this wound won’t heal unless we allow the Great Healer to tend to it. Today it’s time to invite God in and allow His word to cleanse and heal. Ask God for humility and willingness to listen when He brings conviction. Then ask Him to search your heart and reveal anything unholy you are holding onto. Trust that His ways are “the way everlasting": the way of living that brings more freedom and more fruitful living. Praise Him and thank Him for that truth today!

Surrender Step: Pray the Psalm 139 prayer asking God to search your heart. Ask Him to convict you of any negative and judgmental thoughts or words today.