Guardians Of Ancora Bible Plan: Jesus And The Fishermen

Guardians Of Ancora Bible Plan: Jesus And The Fishermen

DAY 5 OF 5


Jesus knew and understood Simon Peter’s reaction to his request to lower the fishing nets into deep water in broad daylight. Simon Peter probably struggled with the fact that a carpenter was telling an experienced fisherman how to do his job! There was faith and doubt in his response, but despite his doubts, he agreed to do what Jesus suggested. And what a result!

So, in response, the fishermen left everything and followed Jesus. But they had just had a record catch – the largest haul ever! Surely, all those fish that had been miraculously provided by Jesus wouldn’t just rot as the fishermen left their boats to follow him? No way!

The Bible doesn’t tell us, but perhaps it was Jesus’ way of reassuring his new disciples that he could provide in abundance. No doubt the families left behind would benefit from the great catch, either to eat or to sell.

And all that happened because, despite his doubts, Simon Peter decided to trust and obey Jesus. What a great outcome! What a great example!


What new things have you discovered about Jesus from this Bible story? What is Jesus asking you to do?


In today’s Bible reading from the book of Mark, Jesus says to the fishermen: ‘Come with me!’ They went with Jesus and became his followers and friends. Think quietly about Jesus saying those words to you. What will you say to him?


Each day, when you switch on your device, you will be welcomed by the Guildmaster with a question and a gift of firebugs. Move on, into the game, and decide what to play today. Have you completed the Bible Quest ‘Jesus and the Fishermen’? Did you light the Spire?

Time now to explore more about the city of Ancora. You can use your firebugs to ‘unlock’ the districts of the city. You’ll meet more Ancorans who will invite you to play their Firebugs game, with new levels every day.


You’re coming towards the end of these devotions now, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop playing Guardians of Ancora! There are more Bible reading plans on YouVersion for each Bible Quest. Keep bringing the light of the stories back to the city – and you will be a true Guardian of Ancora!


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Guardians Of Ancora Bible Plan: Jesus And The Fishermen

This five-day family devotional focuses on Jesus inviting four fishermen to become his first disciples, with the option to play the compelling free biblical game app Guardians of Ancora. Each day, as you read the Bible a...

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