Guardians Of Ancora Bible Plan: Jesus And The Fishermen

Guardians Of Ancora Bible Plan: Jesus And The Fishermen

DAY 2 OF 5


OK, so this time it was fish. In large quantities. In very large quantities indeed. Fish everywhere, when a few hours earlier there had been nothing. Nothing at all!

What would Jesus do next? He was simply amazing and his power must come from God, mustn’t it? How else could it be explained? It was a miracle. Pure and simple. No tricks, no sleight of hand, no mirrors, no smoke, no magic – no, sir!

Just a loving, miraculous, brilliantly timed act of God, through his Son, Jesus, and by the power of the Holy Spirit. That’s all it took – the Trinity, in action, in fishing nets. Wow!


The fishermen knew a lot about sailing and fishing but not so much about what Jesus could do. What did they discover in this story?


Check out the Family Hub on the Guardians of Ancora website for more family fun around the story ‘Jesus and the Fishermen’. Search for ‘Fish paper prayer’, an active way to talk with God.


Switch on your game device, go to the Spire and select the Bible Quest ‘Jesus and the Fishermen’ (tap the ‘game-controller’ button). If you have several devices, play the game at the same time. Or watch each other play, in turn.

Have you completed the first chapter of ‘Jesus and the Fishermen’? See how you get on with Chapter 2 today.

On the shoreline, Jesus is teaching the crowds. When he finishes, this Quest really gets started! Jesus sends the two brothers, Simon Peter and Andrew, out in their fishing boat to throw their nets out in the water. Will they catch anything?

As you play together and see what happens in the game, you’ll find many opportunities to chat naturally about God, the Bible and the stories of Jesus. What is your favourite part of this story? Why do you like that part so much?


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Guardians Of Ancora Bible Plan: Jesus And The Fishermen

This five-day family devotional focuses on Jesus inviting four fishermen to become his first disciples, with the option to play the compelling free biblical game app Guardians of Ancora. Each day, as you read the Bible a...

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