The Power of Place: 5-Day Plan

Day 3 of 5 • This day’s reading


Who would have thought that faithful marriage could function as a sort of spiritual warfare against the principalities and powers that drive us into debilitating instability? Not many realize that marriage is one of the great pillars, one of the true institutions of a decent society. Yes, the union established by God in the beginning is meant to hold things together in a fractured world.

So if you find yourself married, remember that these walls are not meant to be the walls of a prison yard but of a playground. So live it up. Receive the gift in holy wonder. Hold hands with your spouse and pray. Repent regularly. Forgive each other quickly. Make eye contact in a depersonalizing world. When the lies come to you that greater joy can be found elsewhere, rebuke them. You can be an agent of stability, a practicing member in the sustaining of the world.

But all of us, whether or not we’re married, come from a family. We have people with whom we can practice stability. We have people for whom we can leverage our strength. We have people with whom we can share and receive love. We all have people we can listen to and learn about.


Heavenly Father, thank you for giving me people who love me. Please help me to love them the way you love me, and help me to be open to sharing and receiving their love. Amen.