Hold Fast

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During one of our weekly meetings, I heard a story told by one of my team members.

He talked about fishing as a small child with his brother and father. He said how it was an often activity during his childhood, as his dad had purchased a small boat. One day, they had just got out on the water and were baiting their hooks. His father told him, “drop the anchor.” My team member went on to say that he listened to his dad and dropped the anchor into the water, not taking the time to see if the anchor was tied to the cleft of the boat! The rest of the day was spent drifting back and forth as they waited for the fish to bite.

This story became a funny memory for his family, but it can also serve as a lesson when you look at it from a biblical perspective. You see, while our beliefs and faiths are crucial to our lives, we still have to remain with Him, as He is with us. We have to make sure that we are seeking a real relationship with God. That we are following His process and staying tied to Him. We can’t just cast the anchor out without making sure that it’s tied down. Without staying tied, the anchor doesn’t do us any good.

There has been times in my life where I just went through the motions with God. I showed up to church, I sung the songs and I listened to the message, but I wasn’t applying it. I wasn’t taking the due diligence to read my bible and study my plans. I thought that I was good on my own, and that having the faith and belief was enough. I believed in God, I knew him, but I only stayed tied to Him when things got difficult.

It was when I began to remain tied to the Lord that I really felt a change in my life. 

By combining the anchor and the rope, we ensure that our boat remains on God’s course and on God’s time, not our own.