Hold Fast

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Like a boat in a heavy storm, we must anchor ourselves down amidst chaos so that we won’t be pulled away by the currents.

Tied – Attached or fastened. To form a knot. To Bind. To make a bond or connection. To join.

Cleat – Fixtures that are used to secure vessels to docks.

A Cleat Hitch is a type of knot. It’s a relatively simple knot that’s strong enough to keep your boat’s mooring line securely fasted to the dock. Without a Cleat Hitch, a boat will float wherever the current takes them. Even large boats can be set adrift quickly in relatively calm waters if they are not properly anchored or tethered to the dock.

Is your life tethered to the Word of God?

In order to answer this question, we have to understand what the word tethered means.

Tethered is defined by tying an animal with a rope or chain in order to restrict their movement. Our life must be tied to God’s Word in this same manner.

The Bible doesn’t restrict our movement, but instead directs our movement. The purpose of us tethering our lives to God’s Word is so that we can find our completeness in His Word, rather than attempting to complete ourselves. We tether our life to God because God is the one who spoke it into existence! God’s Word is true. When rightly understood and followed, the Bible will lead us to everlasting joy with Him.

There is no greater book or greater truth.

As Christians, our hope in Christ is meant to sustain us, but when we do not anchor our hope in the promises of God, it is reduced to a mere human wish.

Do we want to be filled with doubt? Or would we rather be filled with the living hope that is in Christ? Our hope should not just be wishful thinking, it should be anchored in truth so that we aren’t filled with the doubt that so easily consumes us.

As we live out each day and anchor our hope to things above, then our faith will be able to withstand the uncertainty of this world. We have been promised restoration and wholeness in heaven. Let us focus our gaze and anchor our hope on eternity so we may withstand the storms of this life.

And ultimately, make sure that we’re staying TIED to His Word.