More Jesus Reading Plan (Season 5)


BibleProject videos are available by tapping the search icon in the top menu of the scripture portion of the plan. We'll remind you each time we start new books, but they're always there!

Sometime today or this week, check out their videos for Isaiah and Hebrews.

Reflective Questions:

Isaiah 1: What does God think of Israel’s worship? What does He desire instead?

Isaiah 2: Compare and contrast the vision of v. 1-5 with the reality of v. 6-22.

Psalm 101: David wants to lead a “blameless life” (v. 2). What are some of the characteristics of that life? Which one speaks to you and why?

Hebrews 1: What does the author say about Jesus in the prologue (v. 1-4)? How does this affect the way you live and worship?