Day Four - Porn-Proof

‘Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit’

Pornography & sexual addiction is one of the most prevalent issues in our society today. It affects all ages, all nationalities, men, and women. Pornography is destructive to relationships, twisting views on what healthy sexuality in a relationship really looks like. Pornography exploits vulnerable people, particularly women and children and supports the growing human trafficking industry. The hidden shame and isolation that comes from an addiction to pornography often leads to fractured relationships and an erosion of personal confidence.  

The statistics are alarming, increased in recent years by the availability in social media and device use. In a recent study on children & young people, it found that 93% of boys and 62% of girls had seen internet pornography during adolescence, 49% before age 13.

It’s clear that this is not something that we can ignore any longer. Exposure to pornography is growing in number; addicts are getting younger and younger in age. Millions of videos are streamed daily and it is causing widespread damage. 

How do people start viewing pornography?

Often for the first time, its accidental – a pop-up on their screen, an image shown to them. But many search for it actively. When the pain of life, the pressure of life or the boredom of life sets in, pornography can become a kind of self-medication. This self-medication becomes a vicious cycle - leading to feelings of guilt or shame, which then isolates the individual, making it easier and more desirable to return to the self-medication. At first, it’s shocking or confusing to view, but over time the negative feelings subside, and it becomes a crux. Because it is hidden, it’s often never addressed until it is a huge monster that invades every part of life. By that point many are hugely addicted and find it very hard to stop. 

The good news is that we can be free. If you are addicted, you have the power with Jesus to break free of this stronghold over your life.  It takes time and a commitment to a journey to rewire your brain, so seek help from your local church, reach out to a trusted friend, or find a group that is working through this together. Don’t let it be a hidden monster that you feed any longer. You can be free. 

As a parent you can talk openly and honestly with your children about pornography. Talk about what it is, the damage it does, and what to do if an image accidentally pops up on their screen.  You can also practice safe internet usage such as no devices in bedrooms, turning off the Wi-Fi after 10pm, downloading apps and software to block pornographic content. 

As a pastor or leader, or as you support someone with an addiction to pornography, commit to walking the journey with them, praying for them, and believing for their freedom! 

As you read the key verses for today, pray that Jesus would break the stronghold of pornography and sexual addiction over our generation, that all would know the freedom Jesus has for them.