Always Trust the Lord

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One People Truly United

By Rev. Ed Fredrich, Chaplain

A retired pastor whom I know has a stock answer when I ask him how he is doing. He replies, “The future is looking up!” 

For us, we have just come through the 2020 election. Those of you who like the results would probably agree with the sentiment expressed above: the future is looking up. Those disappointed by the election would disagree. Remember that God’s Word reminds us not to put our trust in princes — earthly rulers.

Our verse today is the closing verse of a section in Ezekiel where the Lord revealed his plan for the future. He revealed how the future would be one people united under the new David. He would be the one Shepherd. Set in the picture of the restoration of the people of Israel in Palestine, the Lord was revealing an even greater future. 

Verse 27 states: "My Dwelling Place will be over them. I will be their God, and they will be my people." From the rest of Scripture, we know that God is referring to the glorious goal that he has for his people. We call it “Saints Triumphant.”

The future is looking up because Jesus won the victory. That new David (Jesus) went against a greater foe than the giant Goliath. He went toe to toe with the Devil. Just when Satan thought that he had succeeded in getting rid of Jesus, he found himself defeated. His hold of death and sin over us is now gone. The victory is ours.

Oh yes, the election results are important. They do indicate what may be in the immediate future. But no matter what those results are, we, by God’s grace, know that “the future is looking up!” What a privilege we have by faith to be assured of that future and to know that our faithful King and Shepherd will safely bring us there.

Prayer: Lord, I look forward to the day when I will be face to face with you in your holy place. What a privilege to be rejoicing in that joy for all eternity with all of your saved. Lord, help me to always remember that no matter what is happening in my life right now, thanks to you, the future is looking up. Amen.