Walk This Way

Day 3 of 10 • This day’s reading

"Go and Join"

Today we pick up where we left off yesterday—on a dusty, desert road heading south from Jerusalem to Gaza. That’s where we find Philip. So far, everywhere he’s been he’s seen signs of God’s presence. By now, he’s no doubt become convinced that God is at work, not just here and there but everywhere. Armed with that confidence, he does what all of us should do when we become convinced of God’s presence. He goes where God is leading and joins what God is doing.

Philip went where God was leading. He went from Jerusalem to Samaria, then from Samaria to the desert road, then from the road to the chariot. Philip kept moving because God kept leading.

God’s still leading. He’s still moving. He’s still extending His grace and presence to those far from Him. If he is moving and we’re supposed to be following him, then we’d better be moving too! Perhaps moving into new relationships. Maybe moving toward new locations. Possibly moving through obstacles and barriers. Certainly not staying put, hunkering down or settling in.

God is on the move. Jesus calls us to go. Are you following His lead? Are you reaching out? Who are you moving toward with His love and grace?

Not only did Philip go where God was leading, but he also joined what God was doing. Since God was already there, Philip didn’t have to start from scratch with the Ethiopian. He didn’t feel the pressure of launching or initiating or pioneering the work. He trusted that God was at work and he aligned himself with God’s activity.

God’s still at work everywhere! He’s not waiting for you before he can get started. He started long ago and invites you to join him. So, do what Philip did. Look for evidence of God’s work and join him!

One more thing: following his lead and joining his work aren’t just for short-term ministry trips. It’s for every day, everywhere. He’s leading you back to your dorm, your office, your kitchen, your neighborhood, your campus, and your community. He’s at work in all of those places—just like you’ve seen him at work around the world! So, even when you get home, go where he is leading and join what he is doing... here, there and everywhere!

Take note of where you see God at work today. How could you join him and walk with him along that path?