Walk This Way

Day 8 of 10 • This day’s reading

"Your Part isn't the Only Part"

What’s the “right” way to squeeze toothpaste from the tube? What’s the “right” way to pack a suitcase? What’s the “right” way to fold a T-shirt?

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably thinking, “My way is the right way.”

It’s really easy to think that way when we’re in a new—especially a cross-cultural—setting. Maybe not about toothpaste and T-shirts, but probably about some other experiences. If you took a few minutes, I bet you could list a few things that, according to you, people in other cultures do “wrong.” Unfortunately, it’s really easy for us to think this way. Thankfully, Paul addressed this subtle arrogance in I Corinthians 12.

Let’s review the passage and see how good you are at script reading. What attitudes and feelings are behind these statements?

Mrs. Eye (to Miss Hand): “I don’t need you!”
Mr. Head (to Mr. and Mrs. Foot): “I don’t need you!”

What would motivate someone to say something like that?
How does Paul respond to those motivations and comments?

He seems to have flipped the coin over from what he said earlier. Earlier in the chapter (we covered it yesterday) we heard Paul warning us against underestimating our role. Now he warns us against the other extreme: Don’t Overestimate Your Role!

Beware of thinking that your way is the right way, your opinion is the best opinion, or your perspective is the proper perspective. Yes, you have a role to play, but so do the rest of your teammates . . . and so do your brothers and sisters from other cultures and communities.

Walk in humility today, looking for what you can learn from the diverse people around you.