Guiding Light


Have you ever stubbed your toe? If you have, you were probably surprised that something so tiny could matter so much. It sends shock waves up your body and painfully demands your attention. You probably even had to walk differently for a couple of days! God designed us so that our body works together to send signals, function differently, and keep us going.

A guy in the Bible who decided to follow Jesus, named Paul, uses the example of the Church (think of all people who follow Jesus around the world) being different parts of one body. We've all received gifts from God, but we're all meant to use them in different ways. One person’s gift is not more important than the others. So how do we know what those gifts are? The Holy Spirit gives you the wisdom to identify how you are gifted and how you can share those gifts. 

What are some ways you feel like God has gifted you? How could you use those gifts today?