Guiding Light


Is there someone in your life that you really admire for their wisdom? A person who makes you want to set your phone down, lean in, and listen? Not because you have to, but because you know whatever they share with you will be good advice? For example, there’s a man in the Bible named Solomon who is considered a wise king - best known for his proverbs, which are wise sayings. Just like that wise person in your life, when Solomon talked, people listened. In fact, people came from across the world to hear him speak. 

He didn’t get all of this wisdom by reading books or being smart, though. Instead, he put his belief in God and listened to God's wisdom. Solomon wasn't a person without flaws . . . he made plenty of mistakes. The important thing is, he learned from them because the Holy Spirit was guiding him. When we reflect on those proverbs, we find out that his words of wisdom still ring true today. 

Is there a mistake you've learned from? What piece of advice would you give your younger self?