If someone asked you who you are, what would you say? Maybe you'd say, "Uh, I'm [insert your name.]" Or, "I'm a musician. A basketball player. A friend. A daughter or son. I'm a human!" You're a lot of things, but there's at least one thing you are definitely not. You're not God. There's only one person who has ever lived who could accurately say, "I'm a human!" and "I'm God" at the exact same time. That's pretty mind-bending. How can you be fully human and fully God? 

It only happened once, and that person was Jesus. See, Jesus wasn't just a good man or a good teacher. He was and still is, so much more than that. As God, He's impossible for us to fully understand. But as a human, He understands us perfectly. Who Jesus is to you is a question only you can answer, but it's safe to say — there's no one like Him. Jesus is distinct. 

What makes Jesus distinct?