Moving Forward When It’s Been a Long Time

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This season of life has been wild and long for so many.  Hugs from afar, border closures and increased regulations, every form of celebration or mourning altered, anxieties and fears heightened as we long for life to stabilize, and yet so many questions remain. How do we move forward when it’s been a long time; when life has changed in such a dramatic way and we find ourselves waiting still? 

In Luke 2, Mary and Joseph travel with Jesus to the temple for His dedication to the Lord as was the custom. Simeon, a local and devout man prays and prophesies over the baby. Simeon was aged and had waited a long time for the revealing of the Messiah.  Simeon demonstrates qualities we all desperately need as believers that empower our everyday, ordinary lives. The domestic life collides with the divine.  

We need Spirit-empowered lives. We need God not only in our devotional moments or in small groups or service, but on-going communing with God’s Spirit that acknowledges God’s continual grace. May the response of people be one of God’s grace demonstrated and as a result of God’s Spirit resting upon us. 


Do we welcome the Spirit of God to rest upon us? Is God’s grace evident to all? 

Where can you recognize the need for anincreased reliance upon the Lord in your life?