Known: 10 Days to Discovering Your Identity

Day 9 of 10 • This day’s reading


Have you ever felt like you weren’t good at anything? Maybe you can do a lot of things and you have the passion, but you aren’t an expert at any of them? Me too! It can be easy to question what you are called to when the voice inside your head says you aren’t qualified, equipped, or good enough and that voice seems louder than God’s. 

Moses wrote the first five books of the Bible, and here he is telling God that he isn’t eloquent in how he speaks. He is basically saying that God doesn’t know best, that he made a mistake when He called Moses. But if Moses isn’t eloquent and has trouble speaking, why would God have used him to lead His chosen people for so long? It seems that Moses had lost his self-confidence, but what he needed was to have God-confidence. 

You will never fully understand what God is thinking or planning as He leads you and calls you to new things, but what you can rest in is the fact that God KNOWS us. He knows how to equip you, how to love you, and how to encourage you. There is no one else that knows you better than Him. Just like God spoke to Moses, you can be confident in the plans that God has called you to because He has promised to go with you. God is enough to cover all of your real or imagined shortcomings. 

Rest in the confidence that God will lead and equip you for the things He has called you to.