Release Control: Receiving God’s Love

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I Am With You in All Things

In the last lesson, I asked questions because I want you to consider your heart behind your work. There is a reason I have made you to enjoy certain things—and I have made you good at doing them. And sometimes, the results of your labor seem pointless, useless, when the outcome is not what you expected. But I am always doing something in you. And I want you to approach your work with this expectation: I am with you in all things, not just when you are working, or when you are sacrificing. I am with you when you are failing. I am with you when you are falling. I am with you when you are stressed. I am with you when you have messed up. I am with you when things are hard. I am with you when it feels all is lost. I am with you when you are lonely. I am with you when you are in pain.

You can work hard, and you can do the things I have made for you to do. I love that—I love that about you. But don’t get tangled up in how love is something to achieve. What you do in your work will not bring you the satisfaction of being loved by being my child. Nothing you do can earn you that seat, that robe, that inheritance, or keys to my kingdom. Only my love does that. And this love is not something you have to wait to receive through your efforts.

I am here. I am loving you. I am adoring you and loving who you are. Right here. Right now. So let go. Drop your hands. Release your grip on effort that is tied to earning something that will never last. Cling to what does last. Cling to Me. I am strong. I am what you no longer have to work towards. I am the one who has found you. Trust that I help you stay with me now. I am not letting you go.

What line or lines are speaking to you the most right now? Name them. Write them down. Use them to begin your response to God.