Release Control: Receiving God’s Love

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A New Way of Thinking

Imagine yourself running, and your physique is muscular from years of determination and hard work.  You’re disciplined, eating the right foods, and getting plenty of sleep. However, when you run, there is a feeling of loneliness; this is the state of mind you have always had.  You continue to work hard, do your best, make sacrifices, and experience the result of your efforts. 

But operating in this pattern for so long, you have somehow decided to no longer expect goodness. In fact, your actions have become a bit robotic. You do the same thing day after day, expecting the same results. Perhaps it’s time to take a different journey. It is a simple one, a new way of thinking about your task, goals, and the work you complete. 

But first, I have a few questions: What if the work you are doing seems like it has come to nothing? Can you imagine the payoff bringing you no reward? Can you imagine if the work you’ve completed fails to bring you the results you expected—all those countless hours lost? Will it feel, basically, like a life lost too?

This is Part 1 of a message for you.  Before going on to Part 2, pause for a moment. Consider how you are feeling. What is your answer to the Holy Spirit’s questions to you?