Bible Explorer for the Young (Jonah & Obadiah)

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Running Back to God

Jonah 2:7

My soul gave up all hope, but then I remembered the Lord.

I prayed to You and You heard my prayers in Your holy Temple.

Jonah stayed in a big fish belly for 3 days and 3 nights. At that moment, he only had two choices. To live or to die. 

Jonah chose to live. In order to live, He had to ask for help. This was when he acknowledged that only God could save his life and give him hope. This was when he surrendered to God’s mercy and grace. This was when he asked for God’s forgiveness for his disobedience. This was the moment he was running back towards God.

Jonah's choice is what we all should do as children of God. When we have problems in life and no one seems to be able to help us, we only have two options: to keep our hope alive or to let our hope die with the problems. Always choose the first one!

Cry out to God with a humble heart and ask for His forgiveness. He always listens to our prayer. Our hope and strength will be revived when we turn to Him. Always run back to God because He always welcomes you with big hugs. 


Dear God, I won’t let my problems take my heart away from You. May my problems make me run back to You. You are bigger than my problems. Amen.