Bible Explorer for the Young (Jonah & Obadiah)

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You Can Never Run Away from God

Psalm 139:7

Your Spirit is everywhere I go. I cannot escape Your presence.

God gave Jonah a task to go to Nineveh to remind the people to stop doing evil. However, Jonah was naughty. Instead of going to Nineveh, he went to Tarshish which was the opposite route from Nineveh. He was running away from God. He was fleeing from God’s plan. 

Of course, nothing would stop God’s plan. Nobody can escape God’s plan. During Noah’s journey, God sent a big storm that caused the people in the ship to throw Jonah into the sea! Only after he was thrown overboard did the sea stop raging. Due to this, Jonah was not able to continue his journey to Tarshish.

There are things that we feel so difficult to do. Sometimes, it is indeed not easy to understand and follow God’s calling. And sometimes, we might feel like running away from God’s calling and following our own ways. 

But always remember God loves you so much. You are His precious jewel. Obey Him and follow His calling upon your life till His glory shines through your life. 


Dear God, help me to follow Your calling faithfully. Amen.