Uncommen: But God

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But God: Meant That For Good!

If you are familiar with the story in Genesis 50, you know that while Joseph may have been sold into slavery by his brothers, God used that to glorify himself. If you would have walked up and spoken to Joseph during those first few years, you may not have gotten the pep talk from Braveheart. But as Joseph matured and God's plan was unfolding in his life, he was able to see God in every part of it. 

My family and I are from New Orleans, Louisiana. A few things come to mind when you think of New Orleans—great food, music, Mardi Gras, and more. But if you are a local, you know New Orleans another way as well: Hurricane season from June through November. My family and I are Hurricane Katrina survivors (2005) and had two years of life turned upside-down because of Katrina. 

When we were going through the thick of it, you probably weren't getting the best version of us. There was grumbling, complaining, and confusion. We knew God was in control, but sometimes His plan doesn't feel that great at the moment.

All we could do was pray, read His Word, and trust Him. I'm thankful he steadied us in the rockiest moments of our lives. It wasn't easy, but it was all God.

Characters in the Bible who struggled:    

  • The Israelites wandered around for 40 years.    

  • Joseph was in prison for ten years.    

  • Jacob waited 14 years for Rachel.    

  • Abraham was 100 when he had Issac.    

  • Paul asked for God for years to rid him of the thorn in his side .    

  • David waited 30 years to be king.

As you can see, we are all on God's timeline and not our own. 

So here's what we can trust in the midst of hard circumstances: God will be glorified, and if we are believers, it will be for our good.

Uncommen Questions:

Have you had a circumstance where it was difficult to trust God?

How can we wait with a peaceful heart?

Uncommen Challenge:

Reflect on the benefits of waiting on God. He knows exactly when to move, and we need to trust that.