Holier Than Thou: A 5-Day Plan on God's Holiness

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DAY 5: Our Holy God and King

Since God is light, God has no darkness. No evil within Him. No blemished heart or unclean hands. His thoughts are always good, His motives always pure. Tozer commenting on God’s holiness says, “He is absolutely holy with an infinite, incomprehensible fullness of purity that is incapable of being other than it is.”

In the morning, when the sun stands up and shines on your part of the world, look towards it if you can and know that the Holy God is more brilliant than that. The radiant, incandescent light beaming forth from God’s being has an illuminating effect. As it is with any source of light, it removes shadows, points to what was hiding behind it, tattles on the dark and makes it acknowledge the secrets it couldn’t keep. Anyone that loves evil hates light because of this. 

The contemporary man keeps his Bible closed in an attempt to quench its light. Others manufacture half-truths about God or refuse orthodoxy as a way to keep the Son out. Isaiah did neither, and he couldn’t even if he tried. When by the throne of the Holy one, the supreme virtue of His very being forced everything in Isaiah that didn’t look like God to come out of hiding.

In the sixth chapter of Isaiah, we are provided with a vision of God that sets the table for our holy communion with Him. His holiness is both His transcendence and His moral purity. Both His incredible value over and above all things and His un-revokable commitment to the honoring of His name. 

A Lord that uses His power for good. A King without blemish. On a throne independent of time. He is high and lifted up and yet holy enough to humble Himself to death. Rising again to sit in His rightful place, where the creatures sing what is true about Him (Rev. 4:8). Through Him, we’ve received a Kingdom that can’t be shaken. Coming to Him, we have met with God. And we now know what we might not have known before. 

That this God and this King is holy.

This plan was adapted from another resource. Learn more at holierthanthoubook.net.