Holier Than Thou: A 5-Day Plan on God's Holiness

Day 2 of 5 • This day’s reading


DAY 2: God’s Judgment Is Holy 

In creation, God was holy. Man was made to image His righteousness, and all the other things like the sky, the ground underneath it, and the animals on it were judged as good by God. When He applies the word to anything, He is telling the truth, for if anybody knows how to use it the right way it would be Him. The rich young ruler put “good” in his address to Jesus, to which Jesus asked him why. Why call Him good if only God is? This wasn’t a denial of He whose divinity was veiled. It was to say that the attribution of good as it related to Jesus was to tell the truth about Who He really was. If good, then God. If God, then good. A good God makes good things. Good? All of the time.

After Adam and Eve sinned in the garden, the bad things came. With sin came judgment. As judge, God is holy still. Some finite folk can’t seem to reconcile this, that judgment is a good (holy) thing. I’m not omniscient in any way. I’m completely blind to the motives that move them to make up things about what should or shouldn’t be true about the Holy One, but if I had to guess, I’d say their lack of applause for God’s justice comes out of their desire for Him to be like them; unrighteous. “It is too common for men to fancy God not as He is but as they would have Him; strip Him of His excellency for their own security.” If they had it their way, the guilty could go about life unpunished, freed from judgment as underneath the stayed gavel of God. The problem with that is this: to want God to withhold justice is to want God to make Himself an abomination. This would be for Him to become a loathsome, detestable being, more like Satan than Himself. It’s an impossible ask and borderline blasphemous, so as God is, He will remain. Holy and therefore just.