Bible & Beach 2021 - For All Forever

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Be About Other People 

The first-ever Bible & Beach happened with Jesus and Peter.

Forreal. John chapter 21 is the setting of the first Bible & Beach. On the beach next to the Sea of Galilee, Jesus did something amazing. People swam, the disciples shared a meal together,  and Jesus reminded Peter to follow Him. All of these moments you experienced in some way, making your experience very similar to what Peter and the disciples experienced that morning. (Maybe the differences were a sunburn and a 2:00 a.m. wake-up interview.)

There is one other moment in John 21 that is also like your Bible & Beach experience. After Jesus forgave Peter, He reminded him that Peter’s love for Jesus should move him to action. Known as a shepherd throughout Scripture, Jesus tells Peter to feed his sheep. In today’s language, all that means is to be about other people. To love them. To pursue them. To care for them. To show the power of God to them. To give them hope through your life.

One morning at a beach long ago, Jesus told Peter to make sure his life is lived loving other people.

Leaving the beach behind and heading into a new normal, Jesus is telling you to make sure your life is lived loving other people.

Someone on your team, in your class, in your home, on social media, in your neighborhood, or at your work is desperate for the love and hope that only Jesus can offer.

Could it be that God is going to use you to bring His love to them? While Bible & Beach has come to a close, your mission has only just begun.

Feed His sheep. Be about other people. Change the world with love, one person at a time.

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