Bible & Beach 2021 - For All Forever

Day 3 of 5 • This day’s reading


Spend Time with Jesus 

Think about the friendship the disciples had with Jesus. Throughout their years together, they shared meals together and tears together. How do you think they felt as they encountered Jesus for the third time since He rose from the dead? Jesus, God in a human body, after He was resurrected from the grave, chose them to spend time with. He invited them to “come and have breakfast.” He invited them to come and share a meal together and enjoy each other’s presence.

What do you think it would feel like for you today to be invited by Jesus to enjoy each other’s presence? And yet, Jesus has already invited you to do that. Through God’s Word (the Bible) and prayer, you can spend time with Him. When you step into a relationship with Jesus, you forever have opportunities to spend time with Him. Just like keeping any other friendship—time together is so valuable. Usually, the more time you spend with a friend, the closer the friendship. Less time often leads to a more distant one. Jesus wants a close friendship with you.

What is one simple and specific way you can commit to daily spending time with Jesus? Write it down and commit to it. Who is someone who can help you stick to this commitment? Send them a text and ask them to help you stay connected to Jesus.