10 Years Sober


Day 2: Your Secret Weapon

Early on in my recovery, as I started an organization called Hope Is Alive that provides mentoring homes, I began speaking to people about what we were doing, and this is where I learned the power of the secret weapon God has given me. 

It’s my story.

And I’m not alone in using stories to reach people. Jesus used parables in so many situations, especially when he was trying to get his point across to a crowd,

Why did Jesus engage with his audiences like this? And when we read these stories of Jesus, what happens? 

When Jesus uses parables, he’s doing many things: 

  • Taking us on a journey, helping us to visualize and connect with the truth he is telling.

  • Engaging our emotions.  

  • Speaking truth.

  • Connecting with us so we might be changed from the inside out.

And the same things happen to other people when you use your secret weapon. But just like any weapon, you have to pull this one from your holster and engage it. That’s why saying yes is so important—you’re opening yourself up to God-given opportunities to pull the trigger and tell your story

And that makes your story your secret weapon, but instead of bringing destruction, this weapon can truly inspire and motivate change in other people's lives... from the inside out. Stories change people. 

So today, use your secret weapon and see what happens!