10 Years Sober


Day 10: We Can Do Difficult Things

You’re not in this world by accident. God knew what he was doing when he created you, called you, and empowered you to be a world-changer. You have a purpose, and it is not just to make friends (though you will), and it’s not to have fun (though you will). It’s not to make money (though you do) or even to go to church (though I hope you do!). 

God put you on this earth to help him finish the work he started.

But before you can do that, you have to recognize who you are and why you’re here. So who are you? 

  • You are a beloved child of God who has been chosen for greatness. 

  • You are a beloved child of God who has been called to change the world. 

  • You are a beloved child of God who has been gifted beyond comprehension. 

  • You are a beloved child of God who has what it takes. 

  • You are a beloved child of God who is more than enough.

You can shake history, you can break generational curses. You are creative and innovative. You are a good parent. You are a good spouse. 

You are built to change the world!

But there’s a catch. Because people who are chosen for greatness are challenged in incredible ways. But the good thing is this: overcoming those incredible challenges produces incredible results. 

Every. Single. Time. 

This is one of my favorite phrases: “No challenge, no change.” Challenges always produce some type of change in us, but not all change is good. After all, quitting is a form of change… but that’s usually not the kind of change we are looking for. 

Quitting is easy. Finishing is difficult. Finishing takes the tough work.

Our reading in James today reminds us of a core truth: don’t quit before the miracle. 

Half-measures avail nothing, and true change takes place when you do the work all the way to completion.

You and me? We’re finishers. 

Because we can do difficult things.