5 Days From the Celebrate Recovery Devotional

Day 5 of 5 • This day’s reading


Change Is Possible

Some words are like oxygen to my soul: “I was struggling in hopelessness but now have hope.” “God is changing me.” “I could not have made it through this storm without Christ.” “I have a new family for life now.” “I have learned so much about myself, and for the first time I like what I see.” “I am now the spouse I know I was called to be.” “My relationship with my kids is growing healthier!”

There is nothing sweeter than seeing life change up close and personal. None of us is “fixed” but one thing is for sure: growth and change are becoming daily realities in so many lives. God has lifted me up and taught me some incredible lessons, even through times of hurt and pain. It has been said, “You can forgive what hurt you in the past. Just never forget what it taught you.”

When we get to that place of surrender where we can say to God, “I’m tired of doing this on my own,” then we can begin the process of allowing him to change us. No matter what we find ourselves in the middle of, no matter what poor choices we’ve made, no matter what struggles and hurts we’ve experienced, God still loves us and desires to comfort, protect, and guide us out of our mess and pain. In the process, he teaches us how to live more fruitfully.


Lord in heaven, thank you for teaching me even through the hurt and pain in my life. In Jesus’ name, Amen.