The Big Questions for High Schoolers


Written by Beatriz M., age 17 from Alpharetta, Georgia, USA

Think of something silly about yourself. Like for me, I make a very strange noise whenever I laugh too hard, and sometimes my sense of humor can be a little weird. But then, there are more serious things—maybe you don’t like the way your body looks, or you have a hard time making friends. The point is that there will always be things we don’t like about ourselves, but when we bring those things to God, God can help us figure out the truth about them. It’s true that you are perfectly made. It’s true that you matter to God. It’s true that you belong to God. It’s true that God is madly in love with every single part of you. And it’s also true that God can turn your imperfections into assets and gifts. Whenever you run to Jesus, He’ll help you transform yourself. You become a new person! You will become a better version of yourself—more Christ-like—and your flaws will be turned into something good.

Next time you are not sure about your identity or your purpose, remember that God can help you answer those questions!