The Big Questions for High Schoolers


Have you ever experienced a power outage? It’s easy to take all the light and electricity around us for granted . . . until we’re suddenly plunged into darkness! Whether it be the sun in the sky or a lamp in your home, light illuminates, reveals, and energizes. Maybe you’ve heard Jesus referred to as the light of the world. That means that not only will we never be left alone to figure out life on earth by ourselves, but also when the world is a “dark place” filled with tragedy or hate or dishonesty, we can look to Jesus to be a source of hope for what is right, true, and good. Like a light that illuminates everything around us, when we stay close to Jesus and begin to see things like he saw things, we can see life more clearly.

Spend some time today praying, and ask Jesus for his perspective on the “dark places” of your life where you need help or clarity. You can trust God to be your light.