The Big Questions for High Schoolers


Written by Rosey J., age 21 from Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, USA

You know that feeling you get when your great aunt pats you on the shoulder and asks—no wait, tells—you to sit at the kids' table? It’s literally the worst, isn’t it? It makes you feel like nothing you say or do matters because you’re too young to be seen as worthy of the adult table. That’s exactly how Timothy, an early church leader, felt while he was working in the church in Ephesus. He was constantly challenged by others who were older than him, and thought they were wiser and more godly. To encourage him, Paul wrote this letter, 1 Timothy, to remind Timothy that God doesn’t see him as too young. Timothy mattered to God because he was a child of God, and therefore, highly loved. God doesn’t see us as too young either! There is no one too young or too anything to be a part of what God is doing to make the world better. God loves us for who we are and created us with unique skills and talents.

Today, try to notice places that need God’s light. How can you be the light and make a difference in those places?