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Bible Explorer for the Young (Jeremiah - Part 2)Sample

Bible Explorer for the Young (Jeremiah - Part 2)

DAY 1 OF 14

God Has Our Best Interest at Heart

Psalm 9:10

Those who know the Lord trust Him. He will not leave those who come to Him.

Through Jeremiah, God taught 2 lessons by using figs in the baskets. One basket had extremely good figs while the other basket contained rotten figs. 

The good figs represented the Jews who were captured in Babylon. God was actually looking favourably upon those who had been taken captive. While they thought that they were very unlucky, God’s plan was beyond that. God meant good. Jeremiah let the captives know that God had sent them to Babylon to save them and not to make them fall into disobedience. Eventually, God brought them back to the Promised Land. 

The rotten figs represented king Zedekiah and all those who remained in Judah. Due to their disobedience, they would experience nothing but trouble and hardship, violent death, famine, and disease. Eventually, none of them would inhabit the land of their inheritance.

Time and time again, God reminds us that we can rest in the assurance that He is a good God. The process might be painful but do not reject God. Keep holding on to your faith and trust the One who holds your future because God truly has our best interest at heart.


Dear God, when I do not understand what I am going through, teach me to just trust and obey You because I know You truly have my best interest at heart. Amen. 

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Bible Explorer for the Young (Jeremiah - Part 2)

This plan will guide young readers through the Bible daily. New understanding will be revealed through the concise and child-friendly devotional. Children will understand that every part of the Bible is meaningful and re...


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