Unification: A Study in 2 Samuel


What does it say?

David learned of the death of Saul and Jonathan after his return to Ziklag. Deeply grieved, he and his men mourned the loss of their king and David’s friend.

What does it mean?

An Amalekite brought David word of Israel’s defeat along with the report of the deaths of King Saul and Jonathan. In his grief and mourning, David wrote a beautiful eulogy to his king and his best friend. Despite the turmoil and despair Saul had caused him, David had nothing but praise and genuine sorrow to express at the tragic news. Even though Saul had tried to kill him on numerous occasions, David conveyed respect and honor for him as “the Lord’s anointed” leader of Israel.

How should I respond?

It is human nature to dwell on how we’ve been wronged, but at what cost? It is almost impossible to remember the good things about someone while hanging on to bitterness. So how can you let go of a wrong done to you? Grace! Remember that Christ made ultimate forgiveness possible by dying for you while you were still a sinner. We need to put to death the lies of Satan that “vengeance is ours,” or “I will never forget what that person did to me.” If you are experiencing a deep hurt, forgiveness and grace will set you free. In Christ’s strength, you too can rise above bitterness.