Christmas Presence


Gift Seven - Strength

You and I have been given a promise – a promise of strength. 

“But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary; they will walk and not be faint.” 

- Isaiah 40:31 (NIV) 

Read that again. 

This verse is a promise, not a ‘maybe’. When we hope in the Lord, we WILL renew our strength, we WILL run and not grow weary, we WILL walk and not be faint. 

God is faithful. He always keeps His promises. As we look through the Bible, we see that there is not a single time that God has not kept His promise. 

That is why we have hope. If God has done it before, He can do it again. He doesn’t change; He is the same yesterday, today and forever. 

You may feel like you are lacking in strength this Christmas but let me encourage you – have hope. Have hope in a Heavenly Father that draws near to those who draw near to Him. Have hope in a Heavenly Father who heals and restores. Have hope in a Heavenly Father who loves deeply and has plans to prosper you, not to harm. Have hope in a Heavenly Father who gifts you with strength when you feel weak. 

Have hope and let God renew your strength this Christmas.