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Shaped for a PurposeSample

Shaped for a Purpose

DAY 1 OF 5

Shaped for a purpose

I stood transfixed by the buzz of the electric planer. I couldn't believe it – I was inside the shaping bay and, right in front of me, the hands of a skilled shaper were at work, shaping my surfboard. The planer was shaving off layer after layer of foam. From the snowy white mist, my beautiful, hand-crafted, purpose-built surfboard was emerging. 

Each surfboard is shaped for a specific purpose; its design is expertly translated from the hands of the shaper into the very DNA of the board. The waves it will ride and the challenges it will face are all in the shaper’s mind as he creates a piece of moving art. 

A famous shaper once was asked about his process of turning a big chunk of raw foam into a perfectly shaped surfboard: How does he do it? He replied, “I strive to remove every piece of foam that is not a surfboard”. 

Just like these beautiful, unique boards, you were shaped for a purpose by the Master Shaper of the universe.

In Psalm 139, we read that “He created our innermost being. He knitted us together in our mother’s womb”.

Indeed, you and I are fearfully and wonderfully made. Not only are we wonderfully made, but we are purpose-built. 

Regardless of what you may think or feel about yourself, stop and realize that the One who created supernovas and galaxies is the One who designed and engineered you.

You were created with a powerful purpose and called to a full life of divine impact in the service of the One who made it all. 

As you read this, are you standing on the beach of life, staring at the seemingly insurmountable challenges of the day ahead?

Are you fatigued and feeling like you’ve been pounded in the impact zone of life? 

Or perhaps you’re struggling to believe that you were indeed created for a divine purpose?

Stop and take the next few moments to commune with your Shaper. Read through the following scriptures and ask God a straightforward question. 

“Our Father in Heaven, what was your design intention when you shaped me?” 

Now ask yourself a straightforward question.

“Am I willing to allow the Master Shaper to remove all the bits of me that are not fit for my purpose?” 

Let's journey together over the next five days and learn some of the mysteries of the Master Shaper – and His intention for your divine purposes. 

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About this Plan

Shaped for a Purpose

Every surfboard is crafted by a skilled shaper for a lifetime of riding waves. In the same way, your life is shaped by a Master Shaper – God Himself– for a divine purpose. Join Christian Surfers International Director, R...


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