God’s Path to Success

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Many people do not envision success as it really is. They are looking for fireworks, glitz and one big resounding stadium of applause. Our entertainment industry and social media sites, along with professional sports, have created an unrealistic view of what it means to be a successful person. Unfortunately, this unreal expectation often causes us to miss out on true success when it comes along. Or it causes us to miss out on enjoying the success we have achieved. As a result of not recognizing it, we can wind up chasing the next big thing. And then the next and the next. We find ourselves spinning our wheels in the rat race of life. 

Since we live in a broken world, tainted by sin and its effects, many of the milestones of success in our lives may seem bittersweet when all is said and done. Unless we understand the nature of spiritual success, we can wind up on a never-ending quest for something we’ve already been given. Without a clear understanding of kingdom success, we won’t know how to invest our time, talents and treasures. Whatever you sow will determine what you reap. But Satan often gets us to sow into the wrong things because we misunderstand what authentic success looks like. 

What are the top three things or visions you have sown into over the last few years?

What results have they yielded, and do they fit into God’s kingdom agenda?